Totaldobže Art Centre


Having witnessed how quickly and without large investments the abandoned building can be revived and activated, owners decided to turn the entire factory complex into a centre of creative industry for prosperous entrepreneurs. They began a complete renovation which increased rents and all creative activists had to leave.

Totaldobže Art Centre
foto "Didzis Grodzs"

Project description

City Riga 
No. of inhabitants  699,0 T
Location Teika district (NE)
Title Totaldobže Art Centre
Building factory VEF
Address Brīvības str., Ūnijas 8/2
Date of origin 1890
Monument not mentioned
Original function industrial production (electric devices)
Owner VEF UN KO Ltd.
Usable space buildings / yard
Kind of contract lease (10 yrs)
Tenant Totaldobže Art Centre.
Date of launch 2008-2014
Temporary function creative centre
Pattern impulse
Architecture retrieval of historic monument
Construction recycling 
Urbanism urban renowation
Future Vefresh / Riga’s Silicon Valley